This is how you SHOULD act on roleplay
  • Be nice, always.
  • Reply to as many people as you can, whether the person seems lame.. give them a chance you’ll be surprised.
  • Don’t start shit.
  • Don’t drop names.
  • Don’t engage in arguments that don’t involve you.
  • Don’t give into drama.
  • Try to talk things out, rather than talk shit and throw low blows.

Doesn’t mean anyone will actually do any of this. But I bet if someone popular started doing this stuff a lot of their little followers would copy them and we could all be happy. But no.

look at your life. look at your choices.

What are you doing.

I’m waiting for the day when gets a deactivation button. Til then, I shall log in everyday and get pissed off at everyone’s stupidity.

Do you think being a bitch to everyone is cute? Really, I’m curious what you think about your actions.

What the hell happened? What’s so wrong with being a nice person? I’ll never understand what’s running through these roleplayers’ minds.

Lol at instigators. That’s so sad, they’ll do anything to start some shit. Sigh.